About this Blog:

I guess this is just a way for me to concretize the thoughts that spawn in my abyss of a mind. Does that even make sense?

I often think about things I want to go back to but fail to because I can’t recall the details about them. I used to write them down in tiny words on the margins of my academic notebooks then be reminded about them whenever I reread my notes.

This blog is going to contain rants about life and it may seem stupid to other people. Hell, when I reread some of my stuff after a few years, I asked myself why the hell am I such a drama queen? But we live both in the past and in the now. So I believe it’s important to flesh out important thoughts that pop out of nowhere, even if it’s silly or stupid.

That’s about it. Hope you guys enjoy. Hahaha! This is more for therapy and sanity than anything else, really. If ever you find anything interesting here, that’d be awesome.


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